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The Rules


We don't have many rules at London on Board (LoB) as we’re a friendly bunch and don’t want to make membership burdensome. But we do need your cooperation in a few areas to help us keep LoB free, friendly and fun. So below you’ll find our simple rules and regulations. We try not to make too much of a fuss about them, but it’s important that members (also known as LoBsters) new and old understand and agree to them. If you have any questions or comments, then please see the last section for details 


1. RSVPs 


Make sure you RSVP to any event you plan on attending. Space is limited, not least as there are often fire regulations in place. You will be asked to leave if you turn up without an RSVP. 

​b. We have a strict ‘over 18s only’ policy, to which there are no exceptions. 

c. Please keep your RSVP up to date and make sure you cancel in good time if you can no longer make it, as many events have waiting lists. Please do this even if you are on a waiting list. 

d. We strongly suggest that you pick a username in Meetup which is as distinct as possible and that you add a profile picture which make sit easy for other LoBsters, Hosts and Orgs to identify you if necessary.

e. Evening slots are provided where possible at weekend events. If the day event is full, please do not turn up earlier than the allocated time, unless an organiser or helper has posted otherwise. 

f. In brief: 

  • RSVP for any meeting you're going to attend 

  • Don't show up unless you have an RSVP 

  • Cancel your RSVP if you can't make it 


2. Food and Drink 


There are no exceptions to this rule, not even water.   

b. Due to repeated violations, with regret, effective immediately: any member found consuming food or drink not purchased at the venue will be banned from LoB events for a period of 3 months.  No exceptions unless on medical grounds as mutually agreed between the person in question and the venue.

c. If you have a genuine need for something for health reasons then talk to the venue manager(s) directly, preferably in advance, and inform a helper or an organiser so that there is no confusion. 

d. We rely on the venues’ goodwill to secure their spaces for free, and in return they hope to make some money from our food and drink custom at the bar. We strongly encourage all members to spend at least some money on food and/or drinks when they come to LoB and help keep the club free and open for all. 


3. Games 


We principally rely on members bringing their own games and putting them out for others to play. Please treat games with care: when you’ve finished a game, check the components are all present, pack them back in the box as they originally were and put the game back where you found it. 

​b. Since our venues serve food and drink, there is always a risk of spillage, so please take care with where you place these while playing and be aware that all games are used and lent at the owner’s risk! 

c. LoB owns a modest library of games. Again, please treat them with care so that others can enjoy them in the future. 

d. Contributions to the library (new or used) are welcome, please contact an organiser if you would like to add a game to our library. 

e. We generally don't allow play testing of prototypes and/or the promotion of unpublished games. 

  • PlaytestUK host playtesting sessions – why not try them? Many LoBsters also go frequently to their meetups 

  • Please do not run promotion(s) for published games unless you have prior agreement from the organisers 


4. Venues 


Whatever they are. We use the venue at their discretion. 

b. Please return chairs and tables to where you found them wherever possible and leave the venue as clean and tidy as you found it. Not all our venues have professional staff, so please do not assume they are there to clean up after you. 

c. Please refrain from posting negative reviews or comments regarding venues in public. If you have a concern or have had a bad experience, please contact a helper who was present at the event or the organisers. This helps them to manage our relationship with the venues we depend upon. 


5. Games We Don’t Play 


Collectible Card Games (such as Magic the Gathering), Role Playing Games, Scrabble, Mah-Jong, Monopoly, Bridge, Chess and Poker are not permitted. While many club members play these at other times, we've chosen to rule them out. 

​b. Please do not play 2 player games if the venue is busy, especially when table space is limited. 


6. General Conduct 


If you harass others in the venue, you will be banned from the club. We understand that many members engage in light hearted ‘trash talk’, but please be aware that not everyone has the same views and misunderstandings can occur. If you are asked to stop then stop. 

b. If you feel you are being harassed, please contact one of the organisers and we will take appropriate action. 

c. Please do not smoke inside at our events (this includes electronic cigarettes). 

d. Please do not bring pets to LoB events. 


7. Contact and Feedback 

a. The organisers are Alex Batterbee, Esme Moore, Felix Godfree, Rachel Godfrey and Rob Rundle. You can reach them via, Members Chat or via the Contact Form below. 

b. At any event a helper's decision in relation to the rules is final, but if you feel you have been unfairly treated then please take this up directly with the organisers after the event. 

c. If you have any questions or comments about LoB, please do contact the organisers as we want your feedback and your ideas! 


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