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Board Games Online - Reach Out and Help

London On Board

20 Mar 2020

Even though so many of us are at home, and all of us are keeping out distance, we can still play games and socialise.

Hello LoBsters,

So, social distancing is taking hold and for many social isolation is in effect. That means for many people they have lost the vital lifeline which the company of others playing board games provides.

We can't do much to help because LoB is inherently about gathering people in a room, then playing, sharing and teaching games.

But we can do a little. Not all of us are super tech savy and not all of us are confident with online platforms.

If you can help by creating useful mini guides, howtos, videos, groups and teaching games on the many online board game platforms, maybe we can keep the spirit of LoB going through this crisis and keep spirits up all round.

We've created a bunch of forums on the website for this purpose, so have at it and please help. You can find them here:

Till we see you all again in person, keep well

London On Board

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