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A Chance to be Paid to Play Games!!

We had a really nice email today from the folks at Lucky Egg games, we share this with you fellow LoBsters, in the hope you have some fun.


I co-founded a games brand called Lucky Egg. We have already published one game and we have 5 more games in development. The 5 games we have in development are all family friendly.

We are looking for more play testers who live in London. If you know anyone who would be keen on getting paid to playtest games, please could you share the below with them:

We are looking for regular playtesters to come to our office in Soho, London to test our party games. We have already built a nice small group of regular playtesters but would love to expand so that we can run them more often. HOW IT WORKS Join our WhatsApp chat - We share polls with playtest availability which you can vote on We pick the days and times with a suitable amount of players The players who voted for that day and time will get a message inviting them to playtest Each player gets paid £10 cash per playtest and playtests usually run for 2 hours Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you. Luke Shelley Co-Founder of Lucky Egg

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