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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the water...

LoBsterCon 28 Apr 2020

LoBsterCon XIX returns!!! This time it's Online...

To mark the time we would have spent together, and at no charge, open to all, and thanks to the magnificent efforts of Glenn, Paul and Gareth, we are happy to announce LoBsterCon XIX Online.

Over the coming weekend, starting the evening of 1st May 2020, we will be running a Discord server where we can all gather chat and peel off to play games on Yucata, Board Game Arena, Boite a Jeux, Tabletopia, Happy Games or Tabletop Simulator.

The Discord server is open and can be found here: LoBsterCon on Discord (

Why not check out what’s available in the London on Board Online Gaming Forum (; where hopefully you'll find or post some guides to how to play with you fellow LoBsters online.

Or you could use our handy List of Board Games Online (, which is updated regularly, just type in the game you want to play and we’ll tell you where you can play it online.

We’re having a few events where we hope you’ll all join in (details and schedule below):

  • 6 Nimmt Tournament

  • Kwazy Kwarantine Kwiz

  • Social Games with Glenn

Your orgs will be around to answer questions about online gaming, and maybe we can all make this horridness just a bit more joyful.

Feel free to invite your friends, this is for everyone who was going to LoBsterCon, but it’s also for all LoBsters and soon to be LoBsters. So bring your friends and enjoy the party. Roll on November!

The Details

  • The event remains for over 18’s only some of us can be a bit rambunctious. We can’t check, but please be aware at your own risk.

  • Rough Schedule (times may change as everyone tries to be organised, you know the score):

  • Friday 7pm: Kahoot Quiz and Jackbox Party Games with Gareth. Meet in the The Bar (Discord voice channel)

  • Saturday 5pm: 6 Nimmt Tournament Where: Play on BoardGame Arena / Meet in the #6-nimmt-tournament! Discord channel.

  • Saturday 7pm: The Kwazy Kwarantine Kwiz After demand from absolutely no one at all, the Kwiz rubs its eyes, stares resentfully around its dishevelled bedsit and lumbers towards the computer, ready to entertain. How will it work: It's a kwiz, full of in-jokes, trick questions and inaccuracies. Join us on the below zoom channel to receive instructions and exchange barbs with Kwiz-master. You'll be given you a code to enter on the kahoot website (below) which is where you'll answer questions. Where: /

  • Saturday 8pm: Social Games with Glenn Details TBC

And we hope you like the online version of the The Cumberland…

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