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Board Games Online - Update

London On Board 27 Mar 2020

LoB has added a searchable database of games available online. You can submit your findings be already we have in excess of 2,000 games listed..

So while building the forum about online board games, it occurred to us that it would be helpful to be able to look up your favourite game and see which services it was on and where else you could play it. So we build a database (you can find it under Lists in the main menu above) and make it so you guys can easily find the info you're looking for. You can even add a record to the database if you like. If you want to update an existing record just add the game again and we'll check it and reconcile with any duplicate entries. And don't forget to help out your fellow LoBsters by sharing the forum your experiences and tips for this online substitute for the good stuff. Keep healthy and keep your spirits up!! LoB

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