Online Board Games

Play many of your favourite board games online for free.

Yucata.de is an online game portal.   On this site you can play various board games against other human players.  

Each new player starts with the rank of a lowly worker, but may rise through the Mayan hierarchy to the Emperor Supreme, Ahaucan, should he or she prove worthy. There is a hall of fame and an archive with all finished games that can be used to study strategies.

You can play multiple games simultaneously, and a game can be played over several days.  Howver, most of the time there are also players online who are eager to accept an invitation for an immediate "live" game.

You can join as a member, or you can register first as a guest to evaluate the website, and join later should you be satisfied.   

"The website is a hobby of the webmaster.  Registration and use is free, and it's free of ads."